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Summer Salad

Salad Leaves

We work directly with one of Melbourne's premier salad farms to provide our clients with unmatched freshness and quality. We offer a wide variety of salad leaves in small quantities, to give chefs the freedom to create their own perfect mix.

For a list of available varieties click here.

Salad Leaves: About

Bulk Salads

2kg boxes are available of the following varieties:

  • Wild Rocket 

  • Baby Spinach 

  • Tatsoi

  • Chard

  • Mizuna

  • Red Mizuna 

  • Snopea Tendrils ​

  • Baby Cavalo Nero 

  • Loose Frisee

We offer the following pre-mixed varieties:

  • Mesclun Mix (A variety of leaves)

  • Asian Mix (Tatsoi, Chard, Snopea Tendrils)

  • Cress Mix (Curly Cress, Mustard Cress, Frisee, Upland Cress)   

Salad Leaves: Quality Standards
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